Super Tech Rings  


Super Tech Industries covers an area of 54,000 sq. ft. which includes administrative unit, die shop unit, production unit, raw material storage unit, forged rings storage unit and heat treatment shop.

Administrative unit consists of account department, export department, purchase department and sales department which are fully computerised and connected by networks.

Production unit consists of three ring rolling lines manufacturing wide range of forged rings. Each ring rolling lines consists of batteries of power presses, forging presses, ring rolling machines and heating furnace.

Die Shop consists of lathe machines, drilling machines, cutting machines, grinders, measuring comparators and measuring dials.

Raw material storage area consists of open space where raw materials are stacked as per their grades and sectional diameters.

List of Machineries:

No. Machinery Name No. Of Machines Make Type
1 Forging Press –   1000 MT 1 Russian – Voronezh make Mechanical
2 Forging Press –  500 MT 2 Indian Mechanical
3 Forging Press  –  300 MT 3 Indian Mechanical
4 Power Press  –   250 MT 4 Indian Mechanical
5 Power Press  –   150 MT 3 Indian Mechanical
6 Hydaulic Press – 200 MT 1 Indian Hydraulics
7 Hydaulic Press – 300 MT 1 Indian Hydraulics
8 Hydaulic Press – 500 MT 1 Indian Hydraulics
9 Ring Rolling Machines 4 Indian Mechanical
10 Induction Furnace 350 KW 1 Indian (Electrotherm) Electrical
11 Oil Fired Furnace 3 Indian Box Type
12 Annealing Furnace 1 Indian Electrical Bell Type
13 CNC Machines 12 Indian CNC Control